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Having held philatelic Public Auctions for more than eight decades, we know what you're looking for.

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Spanning Four Generations


Spanning four generations, we are regarded as a world leader in the philatelic community. With over 100 years in this specialty business, our expertise and commitment to you, the collector, is unrivaled. We work tirelessly to bring you stamps of value that will enhance your collection. Our experience helps us ensure that the collection you are selling brings you fair mar.ket value. And we guarantee your satisfaction with every stamp we sell.

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Apfelbaum's Corner

"More people are turning to stamp collecting as one of the few remaining calming influences in life."

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Stamp books, resources, and a full library of Philatelic information.

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John's Blog

John's plea is we all be in agreement on the joys of stamp collecting. Read over 1000 articles about stamp collecting, stamp history, bid placement, even stamps on the rigging of ships.

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