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Having held philatelic Public Auctions for more than eight decades, we know what you’re looking for.


Live Auction -
Public Auction #1139 Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, April 29th, 30th & May 1st

This sale will be posted to our website Tuesday evening, April 22nd

Public Auction #1140 - May 27th, 28th & 29th

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View and read John
Apfelbaum & David Lidman's definitive book, The World of Stamps and Stamp Collecting. A wonderful guide to philately packed with illustrations.
  Welcome to Earl P.L. Apfelbaum, Inc.
Spanning four generations, we are regarded as a world leader in the philatelic community. With 100 years in this specialty business, our expertise and commitment to you, the collector, is unrivaled. We work tirelessly to bring you stamps of value that will enhance your collection. Our experience helps us ensure that the collection you are selling brings you fair market value. And we guarantee your satisfaction with every stamp we sell.

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Buy It Now #R260 - Closing Wednesday, June 11th - 8:00 AM
This sale will be posted to our website on Friday, may 25th

Buy It Now #R261 - Closing Tuesday, May 20th - 8:00 AM
This sale will be posted to our website Friday evening, May 2nd

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Our Progressive Discount Sale--thousands of items offered. First come, first served. Check for future Buy It Now dates.


Check John's Blog...
John Apfelbaum

     "Stories about stamps and their histories can make your collecting and dealing more interesting and enjoyable."
Take a moment now and check John Apfelbaum's take on late happenings in the stamp collecting world. You'll enjoy his often unique views.

"Apfelbaum's Corner" From
Years Past...

"More people are turning to stamp collecting as one of the few remaining calming influences in life."
The column you knew and loved is back!  We've resurrected the musings of Earl P.L. Apfelbaum himself.
Sell your collection with us.
     We invite you to call on the advice, experience, and expertise that only a lifetime in the business of philately could offer. Are you ready to speak with one of our representatives about your selling options?
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