A holiday Offer

We bought a collection yesterday that I want to offer to my blog readers before we offer it for general sale. It is a worldwide collection of approximately 40000 different stamps in 18 Scott International Albums. All countries are represented and the collection goes up to about 1970. Strongest areas include British Commonwealth especially Oceania and Asia, regular Asia, France and Colonies, Europe, Portuguese Colonies and Latin America. In fact the collection shows a marked strength in 20th Century with hundreds of mint sets. The collector made this collection lovingly over a period of many years and cataloged it carefully in 2008 using the 2008 Scott catalog. He carefully noted the catalog value of each page at the bottom of the page in pencil so anyone wanting to sell the different countries individually would only have to remove the pages and add up the values on the pages. The total 2008 Scott value is over $95,000 so figure the 2011 would be at least $110,000. There are no 19th Century clunkers counted in this catalog value and much of the value is in mint sets. Our price is $6995 postpaid (to the US) and if that seems cheap it is because it is. Email me if you are interested.

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