Why Albums Matter

One of the things that many collectors pay too little attention to is the albums that they put their stamps in. Nice attractive well made stamp albums cost money and many collectors are loathe to part with hard earned coin of the realm for anything but actual stamps. That’s fine if that’s what you want or if that is all you can afford but nice albums really cost very little in the end and can add considerably to your enjoyment in collecting. Putting your stamp collection in nice albums is kind of like putting new bathrooms in your home. If all of our homes were destroyed when we were done with them then it might make little economic sense to invest in things that are just for our own enjoyment. But it the end we(or our heirs) all sell our homes and nice bathrooms make homes more salable and at higher prices. The estimates of the American Realtors Association are that people who put in new bathrooms and kitchens get back about 70% of the cost of their improvements, so they enjoy the improvements and get most of the cost back, a real win-win. I would say that about the same percentage is true in our hobby. When you move nice stamps from a junky set up to attractive appealing albums you often get most of the full cost of the albums back when you go to sell because the buyer, after he takes out your better stamps for individual sale, has a more attractive platform in which to sell your more common items. So if

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