Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 107

Most of my readers would be amazed at the number of ex-stamp collectors that there are. These are people who at one time fully enjoyed the hobby including many who expended large sums on it. They may have dropped out for any number of reasons such as the pressure of the business, bad health, financial reverses, displeasure with the action of a dealer, collector or club, etc. Whatever the reason or reasons, we miss them. We particularly miss them if they had either achieved or have the potential for philatelic merit.

These thousands of people are losing an important pleasure by not remaining active stamp collectors. We are losing a broader market for stamps and a greater likelihood of successful stamp organizations by not having them in the fold.

The names of these people are in old membership lists and dealers’ files. A real campaign should be mounted to revive their interest. It may be that all some need is a display of interest to get them back. Others may require some sound statistics on the present health of philately. A third group might enjoy meeting with old friends at the club. This is something for every philatelic organization and business. Let’s go to it.

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