Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 114

There is no one best way to collect stamps, nor is there one best reason for collecting stamps. Watching a ten year old boy or girl dream of things beyond his or her reach as each turns the pages of an album is one way to understand the grasp that stamp collecting has for those who will participate. At the other end is the elderly person who has enjoyed the lore of philately during a long life that has been busy and fruitful.

In between are millions who seek in stamps the myriad benefits that they offer including learning, companionship, economic return and mental health.

It is true that the great majority of stamp collections when measured against the giants of the bobby are inconsequential; but it is just as true that in the hours that were spent on their albums the return to every collector was enormous without regard to the size or scope of his efforts.

A hobby fully enjoyed is of benefit beyond measure. Stamp collecting can be and is enjoyed by millions of followers to the great advantage of every one of them.

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