Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 119

On July 22nd we are having an unusual gathering at our offices. It will be of about twenty boys ages eleven to fifteen from the poorest section of the city. I doubt if any of these lads ever even heard of stamp collecting, but we plan to present to them a program that will generate excitement and curiosity that may make a few collectors.

We will show them the stamps of a variety of countries and how one can see the other fellow’s way of life through stamps. We will explain the relationship between collecting stamps and the normal acquisitive inclinations of most people.

The program is planned to last about two hours and will be presented by a member of our staff who, when he joined us five years ago, knew as little about the hobby as the boys he will be talking to now.

We do not believe in giving stamps to children to make them into collectors. It is our belief that the children must put something of themselves into acquiring what is needed to follow philately. Accordingly, we hope to establish some kind of an exchange of services with these boys that will earn for them the stamps and albums needed by them.

If only five of these deprived youngsters are made wider-eyed by philately our efforts will be justified. Making them aware and desirous to know is a small contribution for us to make to society

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