Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 16

When I asked a fine elderly gentleman in Wisconsin the price he expected for his collection he said $7,861.42. Somewhat surprised at such exact figures, I inquired how he had decided on it. His answer was, “I kept an accurate account of what I spent for them and this is exactly what I want back.”

I have no fault to find with a person trying to sell at whatever price he decided on. However, I would like to mention a few factors that should be considered in arriving at a price.

First in importance is the matter of the market at the time of selling. It may be higher or lower than when the material was purchased.

Second is the question of the popularity of the material involved. Plate number blocks or red cancellations may have been the rage when the collection was being formed but, as in all things, styles change in philately too.

Third, the right dealer must be approached. Some dealers are too highly specialized, others too small, etc. to handle every philatelic property offered.

Fourth, consideration must be made for the long, pleasant, educational and therapeutic benefits that have been received from forming the collection. These are usually a bargain if figured at as much as fifty percent of what the stamps cost you.

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