Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 20

In reviewing and examining the many hundreds of stamp collections throughout a year, we are often struck with the high frequency of “sameness” of collections. This is not to find fault with those who like to patronize the Post Office, be it Uncle Sam’s or those of other nations. It just seems to me that this method of collecting is much too easy and for that reason one can lose interest too soon. For a hobby to be interesting and absorbing, it should present a challenge in order to hold the adult mind.

Delving into stamps of the past is usually no more expensive than buying those of the present. But it is much more exciting, educational, and presents a greater opportunity for recovery if ever the collection is sold.

The Eighteen-hundreds and early Nineteen-hundreds had all the problems of postal service we have now and some that we no longer have. The Post Offices existent in 1903 are likely to be more alluring than those of today. Finding covers with cancels from that or any other earlier period can be loads of fun and certainly can be written up in an album with more individualism than can a collection of today’s made-to-order covers.

The same goes for stamps, cancellation collections and even the fascinating sidelines of Revenues, Postal Stationery, etc. It is not necessary to be rich, artistic or learned to enjoy older issues. All that is required is a desire to get the most fun for your money.

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