Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 23

A comic once said, “People have more fun than anybody!” We think stamp dealers have more fun than anybody. The dealer not only has unlimited hours for his hobby, he also has the opportunity to meet and make friends with many collectors. He sees their collections under conditions that are more relaxed and conducive to enjoyment rather than are afforded by the best exhibitions. Further, the dealer is granted the greatest of all bequests, the privilege of proselytizing for a cause that he believes in.

Stamp dealers receive a special joy from new collectors. Every time a convert is added to the fold, the responsible dealer feels pride in his accomplishment. Stamp dealers can choose to merchandise the stamps they like best and thus enjoy to the fullest the arranging, study and handling of their pets. They can, and most often do, get to know their clients both commercially and socially. The fraternizing of philatelists is usually on a high level and not marred by prejudices of race, religion or economic status.

With all of these advantages, I believe the stamp dealer “has more fun than anybody.” But there is plenty of fun left for the collector. Any professional dealer will be delighted to show you how to get more fun out of life.

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