Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 28

By now it should be evident that there will never be an end to the special events that cause the issuance of stamps. The New York World’s Fair is the latest of these motivations for special issues and for the information by many collectors of so called “limited” Topical Collections.

To many people, history is only enjoyed as it unfolds in their daily newspaper. Thus, the formation of current history collections that have to do with the Geophysical Year, the Marian Year, the Brussels Fair and a host of other recent historical topics is widespread.

We wish these collectors well and certainly will not suggest that they change their stamp collecting habits. However, there are pitfalls that I feel obliged to call to their attention.

First, and most important, beware of stamps that are issues in a controlled fashion that makes it impossible to determine their actual value.

Second, understand that the important minor variety of today will be almost completely neglected by the time the next topic comes along.

Third, realize that the stamps you are buying for your current topic are also being bought in huge quantities by many other collectors. The passage of time and the popularity of the next current topic will inevitably make these stamps surplus in a depressed market.

There are exceptions to these rules, of course, but not in sufficient number to prompt any thinking person to collect these current topical issues for gains other than pleasure and education.

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