Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 51

Our friend and customer, Mr. R.T. has been a steady buyer every week since 1932. His visits are as regular as our store openings. His enthusiasm for stamps remains as keen today as it was when he started collecting. He collects stamps to enjoy, to learn and to satisfy a natural inclination to accumulate and save something.

His acquisition of stamps is not haphazard. It is a planned effort to gather in his album material that completes certain geographical areas. In addition anything that is collateral to the stamps is welcome. His continual buying over so long a period has resulted in a large and valuable collection, as he has never passed up an opportunity to acquire the scarce and better items needed for completion. I hope he will be able to go on enjoying stamps for many years.

It is collectors such as R.T who, when the time comes to reap a harvest from their philatelic sowing, are able to say: “I made a profit.” The pleasure of the years compounded many times by the inner satisfaction of being a good philatelist when added to the recovery value at the end of his life collecting constitutes far more than bank interest.

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