Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 82

It was a lazy rainy Sunday. I didn’t even shave. Along about one o’clock in the afternoon I opened the door to our store room with nothing more in mind than killing time. Within ten minutes I was completely absorbed looking over envelopes and album pages of stamps acquired years ago. Even one as close to stamp values as I am gets a pleasant surprise at finding fifty or a hundred stamps that were common and worth pennies when last looked at and now catalog a dollar or more. Yet any older accumulator is about to get this pleasure. The market changes and ordinary stamps of the 1930 period are no longer current. To the present generation, stamps that were disdained thirty years ago are now quite desirable.

It has ever been this way in stamp collecting. The attrition of years of handling, economic change and increase of interest will, as it has in the past, continue to raise the price level of good stamps. Making a “find” in one’s own closet happens quite often to collectors.

Taking care of your duplicates and accumulations is good business. The gains that can result over the years are truly amazing.

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