Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 92

There is a great deal of misleading information in much of stamp collecting publicity. To my mind, the very worst publicity from the viewpoint of recruiting new collectors is the overemphasis of the sale of great rarities for high prices. It frightens off innumerable potential philatelists. They get the impression that only millionaires can make fine collections.

Every reader of these articles knows how untrue that is. They know that for each collector who can afford thousand-dollar rarities there are a thousand people of average income following our hobby and enjoying it fully. As a matter of fact, not one collector in a thousand ever pays as much as one hundred dollars for an individual addition to his collection.

There are dozens or even hundreds of forms of stamp collecting that can be followed for an entire lifetime and not demand the acquisition of costly stamps. So let us make known the possibilities of our hobby for the man who occasionally has to hurry to the bank to cover his checks. Let us stop scaring him away. And, while we are at it, why not introduce a new classification into local stamp shows of exhibits in which no single item costs the owner over ten dollars.

Lest all this be misunderstood, my firm sells many rarities and has in stock at all times valuable and expansive material but we recognize that philately is an avocation suitable to all and that most of us are not wealthy. We appeal for common sense public relations that will not deter many of the prospective recruits from the pleasures of collecting.

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