Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 97

During more than forty-five years of membership in and contact with Philatelic organizations, I have found them to be almost completely free of the bigotries and antagonisms that so frequently enter into other phases of life. In my personal experience, a man’s ancestry, faith or race have seldom been asked when he applied for stamp club membership.

The international viewpoint that is fostered by stamp collecting may in part be responsible for the general broad-mindedness of its followers. One will certainly gain appreciation of all peoples by contact with them and stamps are the finest armchair method of acquiring each contact. It isn’t likely that anyone familiar with the art, history and great people of a country as portrayed by its stamps will think of those descended from that country as being less than equal to all others.

The followers of any religious faith can only be struck by the similarities of all religions as he studies stamps of religious significance.

The races of mankind join in a stamp album to form a club that is vast in learning, mutually helpful for scientific and cultural progress and despite differences of appearance, includes all the children of the same scheme of nature.

It is very unlikely that prejudice will ever be a barrier to a philatelic association. Our basic item, the postage stamp, is far too cosmopolitan to permit it.

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