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The postal history of Australia dates back to the 19th Century and includes many attractive, rare and notable issues. Collectible Australian stamps are as rich and diverse as the country itself, offering something of interest to both beginning and long-time philatelists alike.

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Pre-Commonwealth Australian Stamps

Australia as we know it today didn’t become a British colony until 1901, when the territories of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland united. Prior to that, each of these colonies had their own postal services, some of which had been printing stamps for 50 years or longer. Collecting these so-called “dead country” issues has emerged in recent years as a popular sub-specialty of Australian stamp collecting.

In particular, stamps from New South Wales, the most populous of the individual colonies, enjoy a robust and active collector’s market. The Gibbons catalogue recognizes over 1,500 distinct numbers, each with several different plate types, design varieties, watermarks and more. For someone just beginning a collection of Australian colonies or related stamps, the appeal of starting with New South Wales is obvious — relatively accessible and with a great selection of unique items available, the colony offers something of interest to philatelists of any level.


Post-Commonwealth Australian Stamps

Following the unification of the Australian colonies, mail service was consolidated under the Postmaster-General’s Department. It wasn’t until January 1913, however, that a nationwide stamp design was adopted. Fittingly, that was the “Roo” stamp, which featured the continent’s most famous resident and bore the label “Australia Postage.” Roo stamps were issued in values ranging from a 1/2 penny to £2.

Interestingly, the initial decision not to include a British Monarch on the stamp was seen as a political one, related to the rise of republicanism in the nascent commonwealth. However, that soon changed with the election of the Cook Ministry, which in December of 1913 issued a second stamp featuring King George V in profile.


More Recent Collectible Stamps

Depictions of the country’s flora and fauna would continue to be a hallmark of Australian philately for years to come. The country issued its first commemorative stamps for the collector’s market in 1927, and began producing special issues in 1957. Events noted by these stamps have included the opening of the new Canberra Parliament House, the 2000 Olympics and more.


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