AUSTRIA - 408617

AUSTRIA - 408617
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AUSTRIA – Very nice mint and used collection of close to 2,000 different issues very neatly organized in four volumes on Scott numbered pages. The collection is an expansive and all-encompassing representation of Austrian philately from the very earliest sets in 1850 going to a century and a half later and modern vivid stamps from 2013. Regular section is covered in great detail throughout with early period standouts like mint #32, used #1-5, 12-16, 17, 22-26, 33, 41-46, 51-65, 70-85, along with modern high value sets like mint #958-976, and many others. The back-of-the-book section is covered in an even greater detail especially the semi-postal issues as this section is highly complete. Individually just some of the most notable standouts from the back-of-the-book section include mint #B50-B56, B57-B65, B66-B70, B245-B251, B260-B263, B264-B267, used #C57, C59, and others, gen. VERY FINE, mint og, many NH (We scanned only 2 out 4 volumes, to show general level of contents and organization)

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