John Apfelbaum

La Poste

The French postal service, known as La Poste, stands as a quintessential institution deeply rooted in the nation’s history and culture. Its origins trace back centuries, evolving from rudimentary messenger systems to the sophisticated postal network it is today. Understanding the beginnings of the French Post Office unveils a fascinating journey of communication, innovation, and […]

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Early Airmails

Early airmail stamps hold a special place in philatelic history, marking the dawn of a new era in postal communication. These stamps were specifically issued to cover the cost of sending mail by air, reflecting the pioneering efforts to establish airmail services. Here are some notable examples of early airmail stamps: These early airmail stamps

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No More Stamps??

The Vanishing Stamps: Why Some Post Offices Have Stopped Issuing Stamps In an era where technology seems to be dominating every aspect of our lives, there are some subtle changes occurring that might go unnoticed until they directly affect us. One such change that has quietly been taking place is the dwindling availability of postage

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Swiss Post – La Poste Suisse

Switzerland, famed for its precision and efficiency, has long been a global benchmark for postal services. The journey of the Swiss Post Office is a tale of adaptation, innovation, and steadfast commitment to service. From humble beginnings to a modern, multifaceted organization, the Swiss Post Office has traversed the currents of time, evolving to meet

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Stamp Clubs

There was a time in our hobby where you couldn’t really call yourself a collector unless you belonged to a stamp club. Thousands of clubs existed in this country and, in Philadelphia alone, in 1970, a collector could go to a different stamp club meeting five days a week. There were over twenty clubs in the

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Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson had been a customer of ours for years when he called us to come and see his collection that he was ready to sell.Tom and I spoke on the phone and set up an appointment for me to come to his home in Chula Vista, quite a ways from my Jenkintown office, but, for

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Virtual Exhibits

There have been thousands of competitive stamp exhibits that have been prepared and displayed over the last century. These collections take years to develop and many hours to mount, describe and write up. They are then put up in frames at a stamp show, seen by a few score people and, on average, exhibited a dozen

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Revenues of Fiume

There are two major European cities that share a history of constant political change. Danzig in the north is at the border of the German and Russian areas of influence and has changed political affiliation many times, with incarnations as Polish/Russian dominated, German dominanted and independent. In southern Europe, Fiume is a philatelic entity at

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Migrating Stamp Dealers

When I started in the stamp business in the late 1960s there was still active a large group of professional philatelists who had been political refugees from the 1930s. These were people who had escaped Germany and Eastern Europe and had come to the United States, often by very circuitous routes. All had a story and most

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