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If you’re looking to begin a collection of foreign stamps, the natural place to start is with our neighbors to the north. Both in the U.S. and around the world, there is a growing market for collectible Canadian stamps from all eras of the country’s postal history. Canadian philately spans several distinct periods, from British and French colonial rule, to independence and beyond. Many of the country’s ten provinces have also issued their own postal stamps at various times.


One of the best things about collecting Canadian stamps is that the current market makes it possible for collectors of practically any means to begin or augment an impressive collection. Apfelbaum, Inc. has many Canadian stamps available both for direct sale and through our public auctions.


Canadian Stamps Before Confederation

Canada formally declared its independence from the UK in 1867. Prior to that, colonial governments in British Columbia and Vancouver Island, the Province of Canada (modern-day Ontario and Quebec), New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island all issued their own stamps. Today, these “dead country” issues remain easy to find, particularly in off-mint conditions.


Colonial stamps provide a fascinating insight into Canada’s history and growth as a country — for example, Newfoundland, the last province to join the confederation, continued to produce its own stamps until 1947.


Canadian Stamps 1867- Onward

The formation of the Dominion of Canada, which originally included the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, led to the creation of Royal Mail Canada, a nationwide postal system. The first Canadian stamps were released in 1868. Some of the most popular and/or sought-after issues over the years have included:


  • Large Queens — As the name implies, Large Queens are large stamps with a right-facing profile of Queen Victoria. Produced between 1868 and 1890, they were printed in a range of colors and on several different materials. The rarest of the Large Queens, an 1868 2c issue on laid paper, is valued at up to $250,000 a copy. To date, only three have been found, all of them used.
  • Canadian Jubilees — Another popular Canadian collectible stamp, the 1897 Jubilee issue was printed to mark 60 years of Victorian reign. Reminiscent of the American Columbian Exposition issue of four years earlier, Canada Jubilees featured side-by-side portraits of the Queen from 1837 and 1887. Though they initially sold poorly, Canada Jubilees are sought-after today and, due to the quality of the paper used, are often well-preserved.

Grow Your Collection With Apfelbaum, Inc.

Canada continues to produce some of the most attractive stamps in the world, influenced by the country’s rich natural environment and long history of culture and innovation. Collectors are interested in all eras of the country’s postal history, often at prices that make completing the entire country a realistic goal.


Apfelbaum Inc. has what you’re looking for in our online auctions and direct sales. We can also help you appraise and sell your collection — to learn about a specific stamp, contact our office directly by phone or email.