Cashing In On The Royal Wedding

There aren’t many foolproof ways of making money in stamps but we’ve got one now. If history is a guide, there will be a mass of William-Kate marriage omnibus stamps and these will be fiercely promoted to non philatelists as a wonderful investment, which they are assuredly not (see yesterday’s post). But real philatelists can have a bit of skin in this game. Typically, when omnibus issues like this one get promoted, there is collateral benefit to other topically related issues. Stay away from the Charles-Di issues. There are too many of them. But my bet is there will be a lot of collectors and non collectors looking for the 1948 Silver Wedding Jubilee of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother). I would buy these now. A less expensive bet would be the 1953 QEII coronation (after all she will soon be the Royal Great Grandmum) followed by the first British omnibus set-the 1935 Silver Jubilee of the reign of King George VI. These should perform very well in the short run. And, as an added bonus, in a bit less than five years Elizabeth will pass Victoria as the longest reigning British monarch which should give classic Omnibus stamp owners another shot at a profit.

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