The Complete Worldwide Stamp Collection

Any new collector quickly learns there seems to be an infinite number of stamps. Since the first postage stamp was issued in 1840, hundreds of nations around the world have issued their own stamps, and most nations issue multiple versions of stamps. Eventually, many people new to stamp collecting wonder whether it’s possible to collect a full collection of stamps from around the world.

Some collectors have made an attempt to collect a comprehensive number of stamps from around the globe. For example, Dr. Cheng Chang has committed to collecting 90% of the world stamps issued between 1840 and 1990. If successful, he will have a very impressive collection, much larger than most.

Why Collect Stamps Worldwide?

Some collectors decide to collect only stamps from a particular country. Many American collectors, for example, decide to collect all stamps or specific themed stamps from the United States Postal Service. Other collectors, however, enjoy collecting international stamps. There are many advantages to collecting stamps from around the world:

  • International stamps offer a wider array of themes and styles.
  • Stamps from around the world allow collectors to learn about different nations.
  • Stamps from other countries come at different price points, meaning they can more easily fit into your budget.
  • It can be exciting to see different currencies and designs.
  • International stamps from history can be poignant, especially the stamps from countries no longer in existence.

There are many reasons to collect stamps from around the world. If you haven’t added stamps from other countries to your collection, take a look at some options at Apfelbaum, Inc. today.

How Many Stamps Are There in the World?

If you’re interested in collecting stamps from around the globe, you may be interested in knowing how many stamps have ever been printed. It is surprisingly difficult to come up with the specific number. Many people say that about 500,000 unique stamps have been printed, and 10,000-15,000 more are printed each year.

However, the precise number is difficult to arrive at, because different people consider the sum total in different ways. For example, would you count the stamps from countries no longer in existence? Would you want to count overprints? Would you count errors or stamps never used in circulation? There are also many commemorative or special edition stamps to consider, as well as standard-issue stamps. Counting standard-issue stamps only (rather than all stamps printed) would significantly change the total count of how many stamps there are.

Perhaps a better approach is to consider collecting as a journey, rather than an attempt to collect every stamp in existence. The storage problems associated with this type of project alone would be pretty daunting. To house all of the stamps in the world ever printed would require a huge museum as well as a full-time staff to take care of managing the stamps.

A more viable goal for a collector may be to collect a few stamps from every country that has ever existed, for example, or to collect all stamps of a specific theme. Even this project may take a lifetime or multiple generations.

If you’re ready to expand your collection, or if you have stamps you would like to sell, visit Apfelbaum, Inc. to begin.

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