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Like many states in Central Europe, the relatively brief history of Czechoslovakia was a tumultuous one that originated from a combination of political and economic forces. The Czech history was shaped by war and, ultimately, dissolved peacefully in the post-Soviet era. For stamp collectors, this history — combined with a rich legacy of music, literature and art — means there are several fascinating issues of stamps available.


There are many compelling reasons to begin a European stamp collection with Czechoslovakia. As a dead country, it presents an achievable goal for completists and a fascinating study for history buffs.


Notable Rare Czech Stamps

Czechoslovakia produced many interesting stamps for collectors either for their rarity or their aesthetic merit. These include:


  • 1934 Music Sheets — Arguably the most famous Czechoslovakia collectors’ stamps, the 1934 Music Sheet issue features a simple but elegant design befitting the home of Dvořák and Janáček. The sheet, which is quite rare, was one of the earliest to be devoted to music. Some individuals even believe it’s the first to feature musical notation as part of the stamp design.


  • 1923 Agriculture and Science — This interesting stamp was issued in three denominations: 100h red/yellow, 200h blue/yellow and 300h violet/yellow. Several perforation and engraving varieties exist, and the stamp itself features an attractive design that makes it a worthy addition to any Czech collection.


  • 1925-27 Masaryk stamps — These issues, which feature a portrait of then-President Masaryk and were released between 1925 and 1927, are less well-known than other rare Czech stamps but are still interesting issues for collectors. They are notable for having undergone multiple design changes in a short span, making them a fun and accessible challenge.


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