Dutch Colonies

Indonesia was such a massive colony and so enormously profitable to the Netherlands that colonies in the new world were more of an afterthought than official government policy. Most of the colonies in North America that the Dutch did establish were taken away by the British (who seemed to take up the Portuguese interest that was determined by the Zaragoza Treaty of 1529 ). The Dutch retained small colonies on the northern coast of South America , under the names Netherlands Antilles and Suriname.
Suriname stamps have always been well designed and popular. They have a triple audience-workers and managers who have emigrated to Suriname to work in the bauxite industry (bauxite is the precursor mineral to aluminum), its status and popularity as a Dutch colony, and its appeal to collectors who have vacationed there (don’t underestimate the vacation aspect of philatelic popularity-Americans who have visited the British West Indies are among the most avid collectors of those stamps).
If you want to collect an area with well designed stamps, a non promiscuous new issue policy and the ability to complete the country on a middle class income, Suriname would fit the bill.
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