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Often called the cradle of civilization, Egypt has one of the longest histories of any modern country, having been continually inhabited since the 10th millennium BC. Since that time, the rise and fall of numerous dynasties has left a permanent mark on the country and its people. As a result, its philatelic history is one of the most fascinating in the world.

Philatelists interested in beginning a collection of rare Egyptian stamps couldn’t have picked a better time to do so — with the 2011 revolution returning the country to global attention, interest in Egypt has been piqued in the stamp world, too. While this has led to a slight increase in the prices commanded by certain items, it also means that rare and hard-to-find issues from throughout the country’s history are now becoming available.

Egypt’s “Dead Country” Stamps

Collecting “dead country” stamps — stamps issued by political entities that no longer exist — is a popular subspecialty of philately in general. With its long history as both an occupied and occupying force, Egypt is one of the more interesting places to begin a dead country collection. Special stamps were issued during British military occupation and, at various times, France, Austria, Italy, Russia and Greece all maintained post offices in the country.

Following independence, the country’s occupation of Palestine (1918-1920) and Gaza (1948-1967) led to the issuing of Egyptian stamps in those territories, as did its short-lived union with Syria, the United Arab Republic. For anyone interested in the history of the Middle East, these stamps offer a glimpse at some of the geopolitical shifts that have occurred in the region over the course of the 20th century.

Independence and Onward

Egypt gained its formal independence from England in 1922. By that time, however, Egypt Post had already been operating for almost 60 years. One of the most famous Egyptian stamps was the “Sphinx and Pyramid” design, first issued in 1867. Well within the reach of beginning philatelists, this iconic design makes an excellent starting point for a collection of rare Egyptian stamps. Other notable issues include the King Farouk stamps, which were defaced with a series of black bars covering the King’s image following the 1952 revolution.

No matter what specific area of Egyptian history you’re interested in, Apfelbaum, Inc. can help you grow your collection. Many rare Egyptian stamps are available through our regular auctions, Buy It Now sales and in our online Stamp Store.