One of the things you can count on, like snow in Chicago, is that the stamps of a country take a momentary rise in price when that country is in the news. And no country has been more in the news recently than Egypt. But,even before this, the stamps of Egypt had been increasing in popularity and now may be a good time to think about adding some to your collection. Egypt is a large nation of 80 million people and has a Human Development Index rating of 101 which places it just about in the middle of the developing world. Its economy and education standards are improving. But the main reason that Egyptian stamps should increase in popularity is the increase in numbers, wealth, and prominence of the expatriate community. Egyptians living in the United States and Europe have been very successful in professions and as entrepreneurs. Like most well educated expatriates they have an increasing taste for the stamps of their native country as a way of reconnecting to their roots. This phenomenon seems to be part of human nature and has been acted through the stamp collecting impulse throughout philatelic history. Many of the best educated and hardest working Egyptians continue to leave their country and as they continue to do well in their adopted homes look for the popularity of Egyptian stamps to continue

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