Euro in luck

The Euro has declined against the dollar by nearly 20% in the last six months. This is good news for American collectors. Though everything we buy and sell is denominated in dollars, most of the demand for better European stamps come from their home markets. A set of Austrian Renner sheets sells for about 1000 Euros in Vienna. Last September that was $1500. Now its $1250. European bidders underpin the American Auction market for better foreign stamps so when the Euro is down the price of those stamps trends down as well. Currencies always fluctuate. But our experience is that whenever a rapid change takes place in currency values a rebound in the other direction usually follows. Even if the Euro union should fall apart, the stronger economies of Northern Europe will see their currencies higher against the dollar than they are today. It is probably a good time to consider filling your album with some of those better European sets you’ve wanted.

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