Free Postage and Handling

One of the great profit centers for mail order companies has always been their postage and handling charges. The idea is a good one for the business involved but not so great for the customer. Why mail order companies should be able to get away with charging for postage and handling is kind of odd. Traditional retailers don’t have stocking fees or store rent and clerk fees. It always has felt like a business’s attempt to pass on their cost of doing business to their customers.
Apfelbaum has now completely done away with postage and handling fees at our direct sales and at our Public Auctions (we are the first auctioneer to do this). Buy a lot from us, any lot from an individual stamp to a massive multi-carton lot, and it will be delivered free to your door anywhere in the continental United States. The evolution towards this was simple. We know that when we buy at mail order we hate shipping charges, and we well imagine that you do too. This is just another commitment to making your stamp collecting experience more pleasurable and enjoyable.
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