In the past fifteen years two emerging economic giants have seen their stamps become very popular and shoot up in price-Russia and China. And in each case among the best performing sets from an investment point of view have been the sets of the founders of those two states- Lenin and Mao. The last ten years has seen another emerging economic giant, India. The second largest country in the world by population, the economic growth rate of India has been tremendous. To date, Indian stamps have gone up in value but still have quite a ways to go. And the founder of the modern Indian state Mohandas Gandhi was commemorated on a 1950’s set #203-206, a set which was always available but which is now seldom seen. I think the two major Asia powers, India and China, are going to be a pretty good philatelic bet over the next couple of decades. Putting away a couple a sets of the Gandhi issue for your grandchildren might be well appreciated.

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