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Remote, frozen Greenland may not be the first stop on any traveler’s itinerary, but the former Danish colony — now an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark — nonetheless has its own unique philatelic history that is worth investigating. Greenland has been issuing parcel stamps since 1905 and postage stamps since 1938.

Despite being one of the least-densely populated regions on the planet, it remains a popular area of philatelic interest. While this can be partly attributed to simple exoticism, there’s no reason to discount the high quality of the country’s issues as a contributing factor.

Greenland at a Glance

Evidence of Paleo-Eskimo civilizations in Greenland dates back as far as 2500 BC. Since the 10th century, both Norse and Thule people have continuously inhabited the northern island. Greenland became a Danish territory in 1814 and achieved home rule status in 1979. Further autonomy was granted in 2009, when the country gained formal international recognition, as well as autonomy over its judicial system, police forces and natural resources.

Greenland’s current population is just over 55,000, living primarily in small colonies in the country’s more temperate southwestern fjords. 

Greenland Collectors’ Stamps

Several rare Greenland stamps are highly prized by collectors. In keeping with the Nordic postal tradition, the country’s postal authority has exercised great effort to cater to collectors markets with highly attractive, distinct issues. Some of the most notable include:

  • Polar bear stamps: Greenland has the distinction of being the first country to feature the polar bear on its stamps. Dating back to the first issues of 1905, the polar bear has been a mainstay of Greenlandic philately, with multiple variations of stamps showing the fearsome arctic predator both in its natural habitat and as part of the country’s coat of arms.
  • King Christian X: Another notable early Greenland collectors’ stamp is the King Christian X issue, which depicts the Danish monarch posed dramatically in front of an icy landscape characteristic of the country.

Even the most rare Greenland collectors’ stamps can be had for a relatively reasonable amount, given the care put into their design. As a result, Greenland can be a highly rewarding country to collect for anyone interested in Scandinavian or European history, or who simply appreciates the beauty and novelty of the country’s issues.

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