Rare Hong Kong Stamps

Hong Kong’s stamps comprise an interesting area of philately for anyone interested in dead counties, Britain’s colonial history or Asia in general. Rare stamps from Hong Kong are also benefitting from the exploding popularity of stamp collecting in China, making them a reliable investment that’s likely to increase in value as this market continues to grow.

The history of postage stamps in Hong Kong is closely related to the history of Britain. The earliest usage of postage in the region dates back to 1841, with the establishment of a Royal Mail outpost. Until 1862, only soldiers stationed in Hong Kong had access to mail services. At that point, the office began issuing stamps for general use.

This state of affairs persisted without interruption until 1997, when the territory reverted to Chinese control. Today, China issues its own stamps for use in the region, with an overlay reading “Hong Kong, China.” Stamps issued during British rule are no longer in use.

Notable Hong Kong Collectors Stamps

If you’re beginning a collection of rare Hong Kong stamps, rarer issues from the region can still be expected to gain in value in the years to come. Some of the more interesting and attractive Hong Kong stamps include:

  • 1862 Queen Victoria — These issues, which were the first used in the region, feature the label “Hong Kong” in both Latin and Traditional Chinese characters. This design was used consistently throughout the British colonial era, changing only whenever a new monarch ascended to the throne.
  • Japanese occupation stamps — A dark time in Hong Kong’s history, the Japanese occupation of Hong King during World War II is an era of great fascination to philatelists.

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