How Stamp Dealers Get Their Stamps

At any given time there are hundreds of thousands of stamps available for sale on the web. Stamp dealers are constantly selling their wares and of course like any merchant they need to replenish their stock. To obtain new inventory in other businesses sellers call up manufacturers and order new items. But we have no manufacturers of collectible postage stamps. So where do stamp sellers replenish and freshen up their inventories- Stamp auctions that’s where.
Every Apfelbaum public Auction contains 5000 lots of US and worldwide sets and singles and collections. Most of the collection lots that we sell realize prices that make them very attractive for further break up and sale. Many better country lots sell at 15% of catalog or less and where auction lots have “suggested bids” these prices are at an even lower percentage of catalog. A nice collection lot or stock will often have scores of desire able mid priced sets that can be broken out for sale. If you are a stamp seller, you should consider bidding in our public auctions to augment your stock. New material makes a stale stock fresher and can improve your sales for much of your older material. And for new buyers remember that Apfelbaum makes your purchase risk free as we offer a money back guarantee of satisfaction.

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