Starting an Icelandic Stamp Collection

Remote and insular, Iceland nonetheless has a long philatelic history that interests many collectors. Though the domestic market for rare Icelandic stamps is small, the country is popular among expatriates and those of Icelandic heritage, as well as others specializing more generally in European or Scandinavian philately.

Apfelbaum, Inc. has multiple resources available for anyone interested in growing their collection of Iceland collectors stamps. Through our regular buy it now sales and online store, we make it easy to explore the philatelic history of this remote island nation.

Iceland has boasted regular mail service since 1776. Its first stamps, issued in 1873, were simple numerical issues. The country adopted a new currency three years later, which required an overhaul of its stamps. In 1930, the 1000th anniversary of the country’s parliament was celebrated with a series of non-portrait pictorials depicting various historical and mythic events. Other notable Icelandic collectors’ stamps from this period include the first airmail issues of 1928 and a 1931 Graf Zeppelin overlay, marking the airship’s visit to Reykjavik that year.

Why Buy Icelandic Stamps?

With the country continuing to emerge from its 2008 economic crisis, Iceland’s stamps are likely to rise in value in the years to come— making them a great investment for the future. Another advantage of collecting Icelandic stamps is that, even in the best of times, they can usually be had below book value. Many of the country’s best issues are colorful, well-designed, and feature interesting graphic motifs, including fish, geysers and waterfalls.

Iceland Revenue Stamps

Iceland has produced revenue stamps at various times throughout its long history. While they rarely come up for auction, it’s worthwhile for anyone interested in the country to keep an eye out for upcoming sales.

If there’s a specific postage or revenue issue you’re looking to add to an Icelandic stamp collection, contact Apfelbaum, Inc. directly for assistance. We have helped countless collectors find the stamps they need to take their collection to the next level.

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