Independence Day

Two hundred thirty five years ago the thirteen American colonies declared their independence from Great Britain and began a seven year war that would result in the the founding of the United States of America. Before our Revolutionary War, Great Britain thought of her American Colonies as a whole and lumped the thirteen colonies in with the sugar islands of the West Indies and the British possessions in Canada. Our revolution resulted in profound changes of thinking on the part of Britain on the value of her Colonies and the proper steps needed to retain them. Before 1776, Britain treated her colonies in a cavalier and dictatorial manor, with little regard for local populations and what was best for each. The individualization in British colonial administration that was result of the American Revolution was one of the factors that led to the British idea of issuing separate stamps for each Colony after 1840, not just sending off GB stamps and running the Colonial Post Offices as branch offices of the British post office in London. And, if Great Britain hadn’t issued stamps for her Colonies, it is doubtful France, Spain, or Portugal would have done so either. So the American Revolution, in addition to securing the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for wealthy, male, white Americans, also greatly enriched the hobby of kings.

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