Linns to send out an additional 100000 copies

Trying to revive their declining subscriber base, Linns is planning to send an additional 100,000 copies of their weekly magazine to older subscribers who have let their their subscriptions lapse. The hope is that they will see the new Linns and resubscribe. Trade press and specialty societies have been clobbered in the last ten years. Back then, to be a serious collector one had to get a weekly philatelic magazine and be a member of a national philatelic society in order to buy stamps and keep up to date with philatelic happenings. Now, because of the Internet, there are hundreds of philatelic websites and blogs devoted solely to stamp collecting and millions of items are offered online.Online collectors can get far more stamp offers and philatelic reading than they could possibly want for free. People only belong to the APS and subscribe to Linns out of habit or a sense of loyalty to their philatelic past.

Still, Linns attempt to generate interest in their magazine is a good one. Perhaps the APS, which is rumored to be about to lose an additional 15% of their membership when the 2010 dues notice dust settles, could try some creative marketing. Perhaps a reduced price “rejoining special” for members who have been gone more than three years (complete with having your old membership number back-stamp collectors love that), or consider a reduced cost membership for members who don’t want the magazine. But I’m not sure any solution can ultimately postpone the inevitable which is that people are loath to pay for something that the Internet gives them for free.

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