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Landlocked Luxembourg is among the smallest countries in Europe, with an area of less than 1,000 square miles and a population just over half a million. Nestled between France, Belgium and Germany, it is influenced heavily by a diverse mix of cultural and linguistic factors from its neighbors, while retaining a long and proud history as a prosperous independent state.

For stamp collectors, Luxembourg is a country of interest in its own right. It also has much to offer to European generalists and anyone else who prizes attractive, well-designed issues.

Luxembourg: A Brief History

After the fall of the French Empire in 1815, Luxembourg spent several years being contested by both Prussia and the Netherlands, while retaining some degree of independence as a duchy. In 1839, the country gained full independence following the signing the First Treaty of London. Twenty years later, the Luxembourg railway station opened the country up to the rest of Europe.

For much of its history, Luxembourg had a formal policy of neutrality, which was violated in 1914 when it was invaded by Germany. During this time, the county was allowed to retain a measure of political independence. In 1940, Germany invaded again, this time annexing its territory while a government in exile supported the Allies from London. 

Post-war, the country has maintained its independence, though it dropped its policy of neutrality to become a NATO member in 1949. Today, Luxembourg boasts an advanced economy and a high degree of political stability.

Luxembourg’s Postal History

Luxembourg has been issuing its own stamps since 1852, making them one of the first countries to do so. Initial stamps were produced in both Belgian and Prussian denominations. Since joining the EU in 1999, the Euro has become the default currency for all issues. Luxembourg’s collectors’ stamps have always been known for their emphasis on design. Many rare issues are highly sought after for both their historical and aesthetic value.

Some Rare Luxembourg Stamps

Some of the more notable Luxembourg collectors’ stamps include:

  • 1852 Grand Duke Guillaume III: The first Luxembourg stamps, issued in 1852, featured a portrait of the Grand Duke Guillaume III, who was then the leader of both the Duchy and the Netherlands — a testament to the close relationship between the two states. Today, these are among the rarer Luxembourg stamps and frequently fetch higher prices on the collectors’ market.
  • 1859 Coat of Arms: The Coat of Arms series of stamps were issued between 1859 and 1881. Several varieties were produced, with imperforate, rouletted, narrow margin and wide margin versions printed. As the name implies, the stamp features the country’s coat of arms, first adopted in the 13th century by Count Henri V the Blond.
  • 1921 pictorials: Between 1921 and 1934, the Luxembourg post office produced five pictorial issues featuring key monuments from the county, including Vianden Castle, Esch-sur-Alzette Foundries and the Adolphe Bridge.

These are just a few of more notable Luxembourg collectors’ stamps produced over the country’s more than 160-year postal history.

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