The world of philatelic writing is largely about extolling rarities and unusual stamps. But of the trillions of stamps that have been issued only a trivial fraction of one percent have any individual philatelic value and are ever sold individually. Most stamps are mixture stamps, stamps that have been soaked off envelopes and packages or tossed in boxes mint and which never have been in any collections because the quantity of stamps far exceeds that number of people who collect them. Stamp collecting doesn’t have to be expensive. We have a few cartons of mixture, each of which has over 100,000 mostly different stamps, all off paper with some mint. These large mixture boxes have mostly pre 1960 stamps from hundreds of stamp issuing entities. There are British Commonwealth stamps and French Colonies. There are Latin American stamps and African stamps and Asian stamps, and stamps from countries that have long since been absorbed into other geopolitical units. The mixture is unsorted. It will take hundreds of hours of philatelic effort to sort and catalog these stamps. The catalog value will be at least $25,000 and the price is $950 postpaid for each carton of 100,000 stamps. For the collector who is tired of spending $100 or more for a single stamp which gets eaten by his album in minutes, here is philatelic fun at about $1 an hour going in with an almost guaranteed profit going out. We’ve got five of these boxes. Let us know if you want one.

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