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When EBaymania hit the collecting world some ten years ago it seemed the prevailing model of philatelic selling was going to be auctions forevermore. Serious philatelists were used to auctions. J Walter Scott began running them in the latter part of the Nineteenth Century. But until EBay, the way most collectors bought their stamps was direct sale, either at stamp shows or through price lists.
But many people have tired of auctions. They don’t like being sniped or not knowing whether they are going to get that desired item for their collection. EBay’s fastest growing segment is “buy it now” and EBay stores where stamps have net prices. Apfelbaum has long had an online net price catalog and we have our biggest one ever going up online on Monday. It will have nearly 4000 lots or units representing millions of dollars sales value of stamps. Our format is what we call a “progressive discount sale”. Over a period of several days we lower the net price of each lot by 10% each day. You can buy any lot you wish at any time or you can wait and see the price reduced. But waiting may mean that someone else purchases it. Our usual guarantee of complete satisfaction apply.

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