New Auction and Start Bids

August is traditionally the start of the new stamp season. Back in the days when stamp shows represented the bulk of the retail stamp business in the United States, the stamp show circuit began in earnest in September and dealers (who are the main buyers at Public Auction) would begin to restock in August after the light summer schedule. This paradigm has changed a bit over the years with stamp shows representing a far smaller proportion of the retail dollars coming into the trade and internet dollars (mostly Ebay) picking up the slack. Still, September is when summer vacations end and people resume their normal activities of which stamp collecting hopefully is one.
Our August Auction is one of our largest ever. It contains over 4800 lots and beginning this fall we are starting our new policy of posting new lower starting bids – up to 40% lower than before. Bids will change before the sale only in response to real bids and any bid higher than the starting bid will be reduced to the starting bid or one raise over the second highest bid. And our money back guarantee of satisfaction applies to all purchases, with money immediately refunded on all returned items. We hope you’ll take a look.

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