Newfoundland Collectors’ Stamps

The Maritime province of Newfoundland was the last to join Canada’s confederation, and to this day retains a culture that is largely unique in the country. Prior to becoming a Canadian province, Newfoundland was a self-governing dominion that issued its own stamps for nearly 100 years. Many of these remain highly collectible and prized for their attractive designs. Interestingly, even though Newfoundland began using Canadian stamps when it became a province in 1949, its old stamps were never demonetized, meaning they are still valid postage today.

Newfoundland’s Postal History: The Pence Series

The Dominion of Newfoundland issued its first postage stamps in 1857. These stamps were known as the Pence issues and, as the name implies, were printed in denominations ranging from one pence to one shilling. Designs from this time period heavily featured the heraldic flowers of the British Isles, a symbolic attempt to unite the island’s population, which consisted of people of Irish, English and Scottish background. Uniquely, the first Pence issues included several triangular designs.

An 1860 One Shilling Orange stamp from the Pence series ranks among the most valuable rare Newfoundland stamps. Only 1,000 were printed at the time and few exist today. Well-preserved One Shilling Oranges have been known to fetch upwards of $30,000 when they come up for auction.

Other Notable Newfoundland Collectors’ Stamps

It has often been remarked that one of the things most beloved about Newfoundland’s collectors’ stamps is their depiction of the region’s culture, history and natural resources. This became apparent with the adoption of the decimal system and subsequent printing of new stamps. Striking images of wildlife, fish, ships and the Royal Family became commonplace. An 1880 half-cent issue featuring the island’s eponymous breed is thought to be the earliest stamp with a dog on it. 1897 marked the release of the first commemorative Newfoundland stamp, celebrating the 500th anniversary of voyage of John Cabot, the Italian explorer who colonized the island. Other Newfoundland collectors’ stamps of note include:

  • The 1910 John Cook commemorative issue marking 300 years of settlement on the island
  • The 1923/24 Pictorial issues, advertising the region’s natural beauty
  • The 1919 Caribou series
  • A 1943 airmail issue

And more. Newfoundland’s rare collectors’ stamps hold a special place in the philatelic imagination in part because of their beauty, but also because of their unabashed celebration of a unique pocket of North American culture. If you’re looking to start a collection or find rare Newfoundland collectors’ stamps, contact Apfelbaum, Inc. first.

Buying Rare Newfoundland Stamps Online

You can find these lovely items in our Buy-It-Now Sales and large online Stamp Store containing many fine examples of rare Newfoundland stamps. Forgeries of Newfoundland collectors’ stamps have been common in the past, making it essential to only purchase from a buyer you can trust. Whatever your needs, Apfelbaum, Inc. is your best choice, whether you’re buying, selling or looking for an honest appraisal of your collection. 

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