Part Time Stamp Dealing

Image result for auctionHaving a small business going into retirement can be a very nice part time activity. Using your collection duplicates and carefully adding to your stock can help you build an inventory that is salable and desireable. Here are few ground rules for making it work. First, stick to selling the stamps of one country or topic. Success in stamp dealing depends on repeat business and, since most collectors collect one or two countries, by only selling one country you maximize your chances of establishing a continuing business relationship with each customer. Second, have a presence on eBay. It’s hard to overemphasize what a boon eBay has been to the casual and newer dealer. In the years before the Internet it could take decades to have the market penetration in stamp dealing that new dealers have instantaneously because of eBay. I would stick to the eBay store rather than auctions, as the store lets you offer lower priced items more advantageously and allows more leisurely perusal by prospective buyers. There are very few of us that will be able to completely retire without some additional income. A stamp business, however small, creates additional income while at the same time allowing tax favored deductions such as providing Medicare supplementary insurance.

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