Subsidized Postal Service

A question that Americans are going to have to answer in the next few years is whether we want to keep our post offices open and have them continue their daily trips serving us all with mail. We have reluctantly made this decision with Amtrak. Rail travel is not a money maker but we have decided that the benefits of allowing people to go from city to city and not use their cars is a good that accrues to society that we are all willing to pay for. This is what a government does-collect revenue from us all in a way that the majority deems fair and parcels it out in ways that society deems fair. Social Security and Medicare are programs similar to Amtrak and mail delivery (with the added benefit of having a larger constituency).
Several European countries, such as Holland, have made their decision and have largely privatized mail delivery. But Holland is an overwhelming urban country where private delivery companies can easily cover most addresses. How will Kansas like their communications being handled by a combination of Fed Ex and a scanner? Society exists to provide security and benefits for its members. Most people, liberals and conservatives, are very comfortable with the benefits that they receive from society and are adverse to having their benefits reduced. Most of us realize what a tremendous benefit cheap, reliable and rapid postal communications are. We have had it since birth and most of us take it for granted. Most of us would be very unhappy indeed if it were seriously modified or taken away. As the public discussion over the future of the Post Office occurs over the coming years keep in mind what a wonderful benefit it is and how, if we can find money for Amtrak, we should be able to find money to insure that we all retain our postal deliveries.

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