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AUSTRIA – While Austria after the Great War Austria took a back seat as far as geopolitics go, within the beloved hobby Austria is one of the pillars of European classic philately! This is a very nice and comprehensive collection of a couple thousand different issues tracing Austrian postal stamps from the postmaster provisional letter wrapper in the middle of the 19th century and then running into the 1980s presented in a massively expanded Schaubek album! Within its early portion practically every page features extra minor varieties presented on its back, to accommodate minor varieties and slight variations of shade. Early portion includes such highlights like used #2, 8, 12-16, 17-21, 34-40, 46, 65, amongst myriads of minor varieties, and then roughly around 1920s the collection begins shifting to predominantly all mint run showcasing such midcentury standouts like mint #568-571, B50-B56, B57-B65, B81-B86, B87, B89, B91, B92, B245-B251, B260-B263, B264-B267, B269-B271, B273-B276, among others, as regular and back-of-the-book portions are very comprehensively populated all throughout! An impressive collection put together by a dedicated collector! Gen. F-VF or better, mint og (We photographed only portion to 1950s, and then occupations and field post toward end, as 1950-1980 is very highly complete and all mint, photographed roughly ½ of the lot)

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