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AUSTRIA – HIGH QUALITY COLLECTION – This is a very attractive high-grade collection that was put together by a demanding collector, a collector who maintained strict quality standards starting from the very dawn of philately and running into the 1980s presented in a pristine condition Scott Specialty album! An all-used collection of couple thousand different issues in total covering well over a century long period and is absolutely packed with premium philatelic gems all throughout! Furthermore, not only are some of the highly sought after spots populated, but so many stamps have nice wide even margins, and even numerous cancelations themselves are nice, clear and well-centered! Just looking at some of the earliest pages, you will come across such premium standouts like #2, 12-16, 18, 22-26, 41-46, 51-65, 70-85, 110a-127, 128-141, 145-163, 164-167, 354-373,398-404, along with 1945 overprints, and so many others! Strong regular section is greatly enhanced then by the virtually complete back-of-the-book section running through semi-postal issues, airmails, postage dues, Bosnia Herzegovina, and an extensive run of local revenues! Very well-rounded and impressive collection! Gen. VERY FINE (We photographed the regular section to 1960 and then the back-of-the-book portion). Includes a couple hundred 19th century revenues as well.

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