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GARGANTUAN WORLDWIDE COLLECTION IN 9 LARGE CARTONS – This is a humongous grouping of tens of thousands of mint and used issues from across the globe somewhat more focused on the late 20th century, but ultimately bouncing all over the place both, geographically and period wise! In total the lot is organized in over three dozen albums, which include: 3 nicely populated Disney albums (mostly mint), mystic North Korea collection (mint 1970s-80s), beautiful book packed with modern mint miniature sheets (there is a whole extra box packed with modern new issues subscription packs from the late 20th century from all over the world), and then the by far the largest subsection within the lot would be over 30 international albums! The latter part is actually a mix of several different world collections, as it contains Minkus Master Global albums, Senior Statesman, Scott internationals, 7 Statesman Deluxe albums, and more! While individually most of the international albums are rather sparsely populated, taken altogether they would be a very attractive resource for collectors with fittingly broad range of interests! This lot is more akin to a small philatelic mountain with little bit of everything! Gen. VERY FINE, mint og, some NH (We only took some overview photos while repacking the lot to illustrate the scope and organization within, just a preview)

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