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GERMANY – HIGH VALUE B-O-B SELECTION – An extensive back-of-the-book selection dominated by a massive semi-postal section, which accounts for two thirds of total catalog value of roughly $12,000 presented in a Scott numbered stock book! The selection includes a very strong lineup of key semi-postal sets and singles right from the very beginning showcasing such individual standouts like mint #B23-B27, B28-B32, B34-B37, B38-B41, B42-B43 (NH), B49-B57 (B55 is B55a), B69-B78, B79-B81 (5 NH), B91-B92 (2 NH), B93-B101 (5 NH), B93a (NH), B102 (11 NH), B107-B115 (2 NH), B123-B131 (NH), B134-B136 (NH), B148-B159 (NH), B160-B168 (NH), B292-B293 (3 NH), B310-B313 (NH), B314-B315 (2 NH), B332-B333 (NH), used #B19-B22, B31, B44-B48, among them and more! While duplication levels do vary, overall, they are not overwhelming, and thus would be a great resource for collectors looking to bolster the back portion of their German portfolio! Airmails, officials, and even telegraph stamps make up the remaining third within the book! Solid grouping packed with value! Gen. VERY FINE, mint og, many NH

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