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ST. PIERRE AND MIQUELON – HIGH-GRADE COLLECTION – Stamps from St. Pierre and Miquelon are in general extraordinarily visually attractive, but in this instance the effect is elevated to next level, since the lot comes from worldwide portfolio of a well-known dealer/expertizer, who maintained very strict quality standards! The lot is neatly housed in Scott numbered glassines featuring high ratio of premium content and minimal duplication. Actually, for the most part duplication is limited to an exact two examples of same set of single, and thus those seeking resale potential would be able to form two very attractive SPM sublots! Just some of the notable individual standouts include such highlights like mint #35, 56, 121-131 (2), 160-164 (2), 393-395 (2), 404-407 (2), 415-416 (2), C20 (2), C21-C22 (2), C25, C35-C36, C43 (2), C44 (2), C47-C49 (2), C54 (2), used #18, 31, 33, 34, Q1, among them and more with catalog value over $6,500! Not only does the selection include numerous key sets, but those same sets feature exceptional centering and very vivid post office fresh colors! Great boost to any Francophile portfolio! Gen. VERY FINE or better, mint og, some NH (most individual glassines include key details)

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