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UNITED STATES – PREMIUM B-O-B COLLECTION (ZEPPELINS!!) – This is a very impressive and densely populated collection showcasing back-of-the-book portion of American philately presented in a pristine Scott National album with slipcase! All stamps are neatly housed in hingeless mounts and present a continuous parade of better singles right from the first page, as an album opens up with a complete run of mostly never hinged airmails from Jennies to modern issue of the 1990s, including a beautifully centered set of Zeppelins ($2.60 has a very light gum disturbance on the back VLH, C13 and C14 are NH), complete special delivery section, parcel post issues, very impressive virtually complete postage due section with premium standouts like mint #J22, J24 (NH), J29, J32, J33, J45 (NH), J46, J48, J53b (NH), J55 (NH), J55a, J75,  used #J1-J7, J15-J21, J27, J28, J30, J34, J36, J37, J43, J44, J47, J50, J54, J59-J60, then official section not any less impressive boasting such highlights like mint #O1, O2, O5, O9, O11, O14 (partial gum), O15, O16, O17, O19 (NH), O20, O22 (NH), O25 (no gum), O28 (no gum), O30 (no gum), O34 (no gum), O43, O45 (no gum), O56, O60, O62 (no gum), O64, O65, O67 (no gum), O93 (no gum), used #O4, O6, O7, O8, O10, O12, O24, O26, O29, O31, O32, O33, O39, O41, O42, O57, O58, O63, O66, O68, as well as Revenues featuring High dollar values from the first issue, and more! Fantastic volume for anyone looking to complete their USPS back-of-the-book, or alternatively the lot would yield numerous sublots with high concentration of premium content and good resale potential! Gen. VERY FINE, most mint og, some NH   

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