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US AND INTERNATIONAL LIFETIME COLLECTION IN THREE LARGE CARTONS – An expansive and very diverse lifetime collection of one collector offered intact as received contained in three large cartons! The collection is organized in half a dozen albums with a strong US focus; two volumes are allocated to United States featuring a nicely populated turn of the 20th century section, albeit mostly used, and then two dozen years sets primarily covering the 1980s and 90s! The latter group alone includes over $300 in straightforward postage! The US theme is carried via close to a thousand first day covers, which are mostly from the midcentury period, but also including a nice bunch from the 1930s! International portion is very fragmented, as it tends to be in such circumstances, where the collector literally aims to collect the world on a budget, still even dispersed the scope is impressive, as one will come across thousands and thousands of stamps from Indian States to Cuba and back. Plus, there are always glassines packed with more! Gen. F-VF or better, mint og, some NH (essentially year sets) (We only photographed the lot while repacking to illustrate the scope and organization within)

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