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VATICAN CITY – Very nice national selection of roughly a thousand virtually all mint issues with very limited duplication presented on Scott numbered stock pages that combines premium sets from the 1930s with much more modern issues from the very late 20th century! The early portion of the selection is packed with premium material from the regular section and back-of-the-book showcasing such individual standouts like #19-34, 31, 41-46, 47-54, 55-60 (NH), 55-60 (2), B1-B4, C17 (NH), C18-C19 (NH), C22-C23 (NH), E1-E2 (NH), Q1-Q15 (NH), among them and more! Great resource for collectors, as the lot feels much more akin to a fragmented collection rather than a stock. It just needs to be transplanted to an album and it will be well on its way to a strong Vatican City collection! Gen. VERY FINE, mint og, most NH

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