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WORLDWIDE COLLECTION IN 12 SCOTT INTERNATIONAL ALBUMS – Very attractive set of a dozen pristine Scott International albums with slipcases covering the whole wide world from A to Z combining 19th century classics on one end and then running into the last quarter of the 20th century on the opposite end. However, the collection is in the formative stage as the albums are rather sparsely populated. Still the main collection would number 10,000+ stamps with loads more stacked in several dozen envelopes sorted by country (mostly extras). While the collection is very broad, the lot includes a sizable stack of USPS mint postage in the form of a couple hundred sheets of fifty mint stamps primarily ranging between 10-20 stamps, and in total adding up to $1,472 in straightforward postal face value! Furthermore, the lot is spiced up by a beautiful vintage Scott International album the 1924 edition, which is once again rather sparsely populated. This would be a great option for anyone looking to kick start or re-home their global portfolio! Gen. VERY FINE, mint og (We only took some overview photos in order to illustrate primarily the scope and organization within)

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