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WORLDWIDE LIFETIME COLLECTION IN 13 LARGE CARTONS – This is an absolutely gargantuan philatelic mountain of hundreds of thousands of mint and used stamps along with other articles filling up 13 of our largest cartons! The lot is perhaps technically anchored by 9 international volumes, 4 Minkus Master Global and 5 Scott International albums, covering the world over, but at the moment rather sparsely populated, since the collection seems to have been caught in between the stages of accumulating material and actually forming the collection. Dozens of shoeboxes, folders, binders, and what not – all packed with stamps! Some of these pockets are organized, like holding exclusively souvenir sheets or proofs, some of the larger boxes have a national focus, but most of the material is very disorganized and will require some serious sorting! Furthermore, the lot includes several thousand covers US and International, FDCs, marine covers, flight covers, and what not! Period wise the lot is rather modern, accentuated by inclusion of numerous international year sets, where Scandinavian countries appear to be dominant. Overall, this is one huge old school lot with lots of potential! Gen. VERY FINE, mint og, many NH (We only took some sample photos while repacking the lot to illustrate the scope and organization within)

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